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Marketing week Live 2015

How Apples iWatch might play a role at events

Following on from our article earlier in the week on “Does Apple Pay spell the death of the event RFID wristband?” we also decided to have a look at how the iWatch might play a role at events in the future.

I decided to speak to Poken and its CEO, Stéphane Doutriaux on how they the iWatch playing a role in events in their opinion.

Stéphane commented “Being one of the very early adopters and promoters of NFC technology, and turning it towards an innovative use in the event technology space, we’re excited to see Apple adopt NFC in the new iPhone and iWatch.

“Wearables are definitely a strong segment for the application of NFC, as the ‘touch & connect’ concept makes the configuration of devices and the exchange of small bits of information much easier. Consumers are becoming more familiar with the idea of touching digital devices, and as we’ve demonstrated in our business, it continues to generate significant excitement.

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New ISES UK President to announce Strategy at AGM

The newly appointed president of the International Special Event Society UK Chapter (ISES UK), Kelly Baker, will announce the future strategy to members, invited guests and media at its AGM, hosted at EGG, London, 8th September 2014.

ISES UK, established in 2001, is part of the global organisation with 5,500 members in 54 Chapters across 25 countries. It is the principal association for creative event professionals who are passionate about networking, furthering knowledge. The evening will provide an inspiring platform for the best practitioners in the creative industry to connect.

Baker will detail a number of key aims for her presidency to further improve member benefits, covering topics including ISES UK events, industry exhibitions profile, international alliances with other chapters, educational initiatives and skill development programs, strategic communications and sponsorship opportunities.


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