How Apples iWatch might play a role at events

“The main challenge of NFC, even if integrated into new Apple devices, is that it will never be ubiquitous – there will always be some accessories, devices, and point-of-sale payment systems that don’t support it, so it will only ever work as an additional technology, not as a replacement for any existing system, or generating a radical change in human behaviour.

“In the context of events and exhibitions, devices such as our Poken USB ‘touch & connect’ will continue to be a necessity since a full-featured networking and digital document collection service (offering the possibility of completely eliminating paper in an event) is only possible if everyone is equipped.

“The potential for wearables such as the iWatch in the open world would be much greater if everyone was wearing one by default, but contrarily to the event context where we can ensure that, in the open world you can’t. And just as with your smartphone, we would never be able to ensure that the watch’s battery is always charged up. I think that the iWatch and other connected wearables will continue to be fun gadgets, but they won’t have a huge impact on events or on the way we lead our lives.”

Article by: Adam Parry on September 12, 2014